Removal of deep rooted Lipoma on back of head. Any suggestions?

MD said it was deeper than thought, and when they started the operation the MD said "it doesn't look like a lipoma". MD said because it was so close to the skull she would not get it all and recommended a general surgeon. It's been 3 days and I feel dizzy (occasionally lose my balance).

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Lipoma removal on the scalp

It sounds like you are receiving medical and surgical care. I would determine the diagnosis given the biopsy obtained and then follow up with your surgeon. 


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Scalp lipoma

A soft tissue mass on your scalp does not involve the bone or the brain so rest assured that it has not burrowed deep into dangerous territory. But it does sound like the mass was something your surgeon did not expect. At this point I would rest, try not  to worry and wait for the pathology report. That will dictate exactly what needs to be done next. If it was not completely removed, the mass will likely recur if additional surgery is not performed. Most masses of the scalp are benign, however a small number are malignant -( cancer) and perhaps a surgical oncologist/ cancer specialist may be helpful depending upon the final diagnosis. Whatever it proves to be, it is likely totally curable so try not to fret. Good luck and take care.

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Removal of deep rooted lipoma on back of head.

Thank you for sharing your question.  Your best resource will be the tissue that was removed by your surgeon during this operation.  It can be examined by a pathologist for a definitive diagnosis of the mass in order to know if an additional procedure will be needed or if the mass was fully removed.  Because your surgeon has the full details of the procedure you should contact them for the full extent of your symptoms as they would need to rule out any bleeding issues or infections.  Best wishes

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