Dorsal hump not adequately reduced during rhinoplasty and septoplasty?

It's been 2 months since my rhino/septoplasty. My large dorsal hump is still here, approx 75% of original size. The location and length of hump is in identical location prior to surgery, height is only 25% smaller. As swelling on my nose goes down the dorsal hump gets larger. I'm devastated as this was the main reason for surgery. I have been massaging it daily as surgeon requested. How soon can this hump be revised or rasped? I can't bear to look at this hook nose for another year.

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Bump after surgery

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I am sorry to hear you are displeased with your results. In general, it can take a full year for all of the swelling to subside after surgery.  You are still relatively early in the recovery phase so it is possible it will improve with time.  If it does not improve on its own, I recommend you discuss your concerns with your surgeon to determine if you would benefit from revision once you have healed.

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Dorsal Hump Still Present 2 Months aftetr Rhinoplasty

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I'm sorry you're not satisfied with your results but please post pictures so we're not just speculating when responding to your question.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Dorsal hump not adequately reduced during rhinoplasty and septoplasty?

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The septoplasty procedure will not change the shape of the nose, and is only performed for airflow management. A septoplasty is performed in the back of the nose when there's a deviated septum that is blocking airflow. A rhinoplasty procedure accomplishes shaving down the dorsal hump which is composed of both bone and cartilage. Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty, so choose your second  surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience. A full set of facial photographs are required to make a determination about what may be required, since the nose is a three-dimensional structure. If the issue is only the dorsal hump, maybe acceptable to undergo revision At 8 to 10 months, but 2 months is still too soon to revise the nose. Best to wait for the healing process to finalize before revising the nose. For more information and many examples of rhinoplasty for dorsal hump removal, please see the link and the video below

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Nasal issue

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Hi sleepy one,

Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear you are not pleased with your result. Would you be able to send some photos of the nose so we can give some better advice? We are also available for skype or FaceTime consults, if that is easier for you. 


P. Daniel Ward, MD
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