Post-reduction unevenness and slow-healing incision areas, would it be best to get a revision? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery almost 3 years ago. My doctor implanted seri scaffolding. There were some healing delays in both sides but the right one is now perfect. The left one still has a few areas with open wounds-where the vertical incision met the cut around the nipple. I keep them clean and covered. Once in a while a piece of the scaffolding comes out. AND I noticed my left breast now "hangs" much lower than the right one. I'm really thinking I want a revision so they're even again.

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Breast reduction

I would see your PS and ask his/her opinion regarding a scar revision. It is relatively easy to revise although it is unclear what is happening to the seri scaffolding and the complexity of the revision may be dictated more by the seri scaffold.

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Revision of Breast Reduction

Thank you for your pictures. In my opinion, a revision breast reduction would be a good idea. Please consult with several board certified plastic surgeons for the most accurate recommendation.  Best wishes.

Seri scaffolding and breast reduction

I am sorry to hear that you have had such trouble with healing your breast reduction incisions. The seri scaffolding is made out of a permanent silk material and maybe your body is reacting to it and this could be partly the reason that you have had wound healing issues. My recommendation is to meet with your plastic surgeon and see if they would revise that left breast for you. Your plastic surgeon may decide to try and remove part of the seri mesh- the problem with this is that unfortunately your tissues grow into it and it will be challenging to remove. Also without the seri scaffolding- the left breast will eventually fall over time- even if it is lifted immediately following your revision- it will fall due to the skin's normal elastic properties.

Good Luck!

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