I don't think I need a crown and I got two! (Photo)

One of my teeth (upper) hurts when I chew on it. My dentist suggested a crown and I put it off as a month after my visit that pain went away, and there's another tooth that had very large silver filling didn't hurt but I can see a crack in the tooth. Now fast forward 6 months I went back for a cleaning he convinced me to get the crowns which I did for both and I regretted it so much since now the upper tooth that hasn't given me any trouble is really sensitive now. And the crown looks disgusting

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Crown procedure

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your crowns. I recommend going back to your dentist to address your concerns. It does sound like the treatment that was proposed by your dentist was appropriate based on your description of the teeth.  Crowned teeth can sometimes be sensitive initially, but this should be temporary and should resolve in a few weeks. In order to modify the appearance and shape of the crown, it would need to be remade. It is better to address these concerns with your dentist soon so they can correct them for you.

Dental crowns

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Hi Carrie thanks for write.There are many reasons why doctors recommend crowns. Sometimes teeth looks god and probably have a crack or a big cavity that you migh cannot see and most of the time could be determinate it before the root canal. Abou the esthetic of the crown i recommend you talk to your dentist about your concern...
Good Luck!

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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