Is a Bilatteral Brow Lift the Same As a Coronal Lift?


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Types of brow lift.

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The types of brow lift depend on whereu make the incision. We developed the Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift 35 years ago. The irregular incision is made at the hairline and the roots growTHRU the scar. Also the hairline can be lowered at the same time and unlike the coronal incision NO hair is thrown away!

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Eyebrow Lift

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A coronal lift is performed by making an incision all across the hairline (from ear to ear) and lifting the entire scalp up and then resecting excess scalp. An endoscopic brow lift is done by making 3-5 incisions within the hair and doing the elevation under optical pockets with minimal scarring.

Bilatteral Brow Lift and Coronal Lift?

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Thank you for your question. Not entirely.  The coronal brow lift is making an incision along your front hairline, the other is likely an incision made into the hair to pull the brow back, or a classic brow lift.  Many use different terms to describe the same procedure. To be certain, ask the surgeon to draw the incision line. I hope this helps.

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Coronal brow lift

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A coronal brow lift means that an incision is made in the scalp basically from ear to ear and that is the access for surgically elevating the brow. A strip of hair-bearing scalp is then removed in order to pull up the brows. Newer techniques involve endoscopic approaches whereby a few small incisions are made in the scalp and no skin is removed. Rather, the brow is slid back into its normal position. Most brow lifts are bilateral, meaning both brows require lifting. In certain cases, only one brow needs to be elevated (like in the case of facial paralysis). In those cases, different incisions can be used.

Brow lift

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The name "coronal" simply describes the incision location across the top of the head. The advantage is in hiding the scar and gaining access to the frown muscles. Both sides of the face can get a symmetrical correction.A great procedure in my opinion. All the best

Is a Bilateral Brow Lift the Same As a Coronal Lift?

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A bilateral browlift can be performed using numerous surgical approaches. The coronal approach is performed with a long incision behind the hairline. This is a very durable and predictable approach. However, it will raise your hairline so it is not the best option in every case. I hope this information is helpful.

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Questions about brow lift surgery

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There are many different forms of brow lift surgery.   You need to get a better explanation from your plastic surgeon.  A coronal brow lift goes from ear to ear and lifts both brows at the same time.  There are lesser types of brow lift procedure that just lift the lateral brow.   

Coronal browlift

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  A coronal browlift is done usually for both eyebrows so it is considered bilateral. The goal of a coronal brow lift is to raise both eyebrows, adjust any height asymmetries of the eyebrows, soften the corrugator muscle, and either raise or lower the hairline depending upon placement of the incision.

Bilateral Brow Lift the Same As a Coronal Lift?

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The main difference between a midforehead browlift/direct brow lift vs a coronal/endoscopic browlift is the latter procedures will not show a visible scar and will also elevate the hairline. In terms of choosing between the two, there is no reason to do a direct browlift because the scar from that procedure is terrible. I also see no good reason to do a cosmetic coronal lift. The browlift through a blepharoplasty incision has never worked consistently in my hands no matter what I use to anchor the brow.

Types of Brow lift

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Brow lift is used to elevate or stabilize the brow position. It can be perform through different incisions. Coronal id through the scalp hair, Endoscopic is  4 tiny  incisions through the scalp hair, Mid-forehead lift incisions is through a horizontal forehead crease, and a direct brow lift is just above the eyebrow. each incision has its good points and bad points.  There is also an incision through an upper blepharoplasty incision often used in men with high foreheads. Hope that helps

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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