Bilateral Upper Eyelid Surgery Medicare Advantage Coverage. Who Has It in Tampa Area..

Bilateral upper and EYELID Surgery. Who performs this surgery in the Tampa area under Medicare... 

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The real issue is: does your eyelid issue qualify.

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Not every upper eyelid issue will qualify for coverage under medicare.  They have criteria for what is and what is not covered.  Patients and surgeons who attempt to use Medicare for eyelid issues that are cosmetic are committing healthcare fraud.  So if your surgeon assesses you and tells you this, they are really telling your that you have not met the objective criteria.  You can still have surgery but then it is cosmetic and you have self pay.  I would recommend that you focus on finding the best eyelid surgeon.  most of these individuals will accept Medicare if your eyelid issue mets insurance criteria.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a website ( that has a geographic directory that will help you find a well qualified surgeon in your area.

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