Had Bilateral Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty 11 Weeks Ago. Slight Entropion of Both Eyelids. What To Do?

I went back to my plastic surgeon. He wants to wait 1 more month (4 months total) for scar maturation. He thinks that the entropion of my lower lids may resolve. He injected Botox, as the thinks it may be due to spasm. I am 47 years old. If not, he thinks a pinch blepharoplasty might fix the problem. My opthamologist (also an Oculoplastic surgeon) gave me bandage contacts. He thinks that I will need the entropion repair surgery. Does anyone have experience w/ a pinch bleph. for entropion?

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Entropion after surgery

It is impossible to say exactly what the problem is or how to fix it from the information in your post. You say how long after surgery you are but not when the entropion first appeared. If the entropion was there from day one it is more likely related to the surgical technique and possibly a predisposing condition. If it developed some time later it may be related to scar tissue formed by your body within the eyelid.

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Entropion after lower blepharoplasty

The entropion (eyelid turning in) is unlikely to improve on its own at 11 weeks after your surgery (lowr blepharoplasty).  It is appropriate to follow up with your oculoplastic surgeon for possible treatment/surgical options.  Entropion can be due many causes.  The Botox may help temporarily but unlikely to be significant longterm help. 

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Your eyelid complication needs to be repaired by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.

At 4 months, your entropion is unlikely to resolve on its own.  It is reasonable to begin to think about having this repaired.  It is improbable that your surgery actually caused the entropion.  It is much more likely that you eyelids were predisposed to this complication.  General plastic surgeons lack the appropriate training, skills, and experience to repair this eyelid problem.  I respectfully suggest  to both you and your plastic surgeon, that you find an oculoplastic surgeon to repair this problem, perhaps your ophthalmologist if this makes sense.  The fact that he put you in a contact lens suggests to me that he knows what he is doing.   As the distinguished Dr. Goldberger notes, a pinch blepharoplasty will not repair your issue.

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Had Bilateral Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty 11 Weeks Ago. Slight Entropion of Both Eyelids. What To Do?

A pinch bleph is not an entropion repair.  If you have extra skin that is pushing your eyelashes up into the eye, then a pinch might work.  However, if you have true entropion, which means that the eyelid is turned in, it will not work unless something additional is done. From your description, it is doubtful that a pinch bleph will solve your problem.  However, without an official evaluation, it is hard to say.  Since you have seen an Oculoplastic surgeon, he should be able to tell you whether the pinch bleph will work or not.  Good luck.

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