What Causes the Loss of the Inframammary Fold?

After my implant surgery I did not have an inframammary fold on the side that had cancer. I was told that because both breasts did not have the same issues that in order to achieve symmetry in concurrent bilateral surgery that I would need repositioning surgery. What causes the loss of the inframammary fold?

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Breast Reconstruction and loss of Inframammary Fold

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In the course of a mastectomy, it is possible , the infra mammary fold, may be dis inserted in an effort to remove the breast tissue.  This may vary with the general oncology surgeon doing the mastectomy. 

Prosthetic breast reconstruction in many cases is done in 2 stages.  The first stage utilizes a temporary implant and serves to expand the tissues and establish a reasonable breast mound shape.  The second stage may serve to fine tune contour irregularities, address asymmetries (including reestablish the IMF, as needed) and replace the temporary device with a permanent implant.  Keep in mind, this is all RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery and serves to restore body shape and as such may never be perfect as opposed to cosmetic surgery which may be viewed as refinements.  

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The loss of the inframmary is diue to multiple reasons

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The surgery for the mastectomy will remove all of the breast tissue including the inframammary fold. The reconstruction involve expansion and  recreation of the fold and that can be hard. The implant reconstruction usually involves two stages.The final surgery will involve touch up and fold revision.

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