Bikini Line Incision to Be Used in Tummy Tuck?

Can a bikini-line incision be used as the site of a Tummy tuck procedure?

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Bikini Line Incision to Be Used in Tummy Tuck?

In short, yes.  Incision sites can be adjusted and placed within certain limitations based on your goals.  

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Tummy tuck

Yes, in fact old incisions like these are commonly used for tummy tuck.  Bear in mind that the new incision will be longer than the existing scar.

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Bikini line incision for Tummy Tuck

Depends what you mean by bikin-line incision, but in general, tummy tuck incisions can be placed very low. With most of my patients, I am able to place the incision 6-7cm above the vulvar commissure. This is just above a typical C-section incision and well-hidden by most bikinis. If you have significant skin laxity out to the flanks, then the incision is typically longer and rides a little higher laterally making it difficult for most bikinis to cover the edges of the scar. Just remember, tummy tuck patients are among the happiest cosmetic surgery patients. I have rarely, if ever, had any complaints of the scar since the chance is so dramatic. Good luck!

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Tummy Tuck Incision

A very low incision is used during a tummy tuck. This incision should be carefully placed so that it is hidden beneath underwear or a bikini. The surgeon should take into account the style of bathing suit or underwear that you prefer to wear. When planning the incision, I always have the patient put on the underwear or bikini so that I can be sure to place the incision in a hidden area. As fashions change, so to does the incision placement (jeans and pants have gotten lower, so my incision has also!).

So, to answer your question, a "bikini line" incision is an accurate term.

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