Burned After Bikini Laser Hair Removal

I had 7 bikini laser hair treatments with no problem, the 8th treatment left me badly burned and scarred. I am putting hydroquinone bleaching cream twice a day and have an appointment to get a microderm dermabrasion. Will this work, how long will it take to heal, and will I be scarred?

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Will I be Scarred after Laser Hair Removal Blister?

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The extent to and way in which you heal after this sort of burn depends on how serious it is.  First, second and third degree burns all carry a different risk of any type of scarring.  

With that said, you may be doing too much.  Microdermabrasion is a fairly aggressive form of exfoliation depending on how long it has been since your treatment.  Bleaching cream is a good option, but creating too much irritation (microdermabrasion) may inhibit the healing process.  Be careful with how fast you push it and consult your treating physician before trying too many treatments simultaneously.

In the future, you may also want to consider q-switched ND:Yg laser treatments.  We use these lasers for all forms of pigmentation and colored scarring (colored acne scars, road rash, surgical scars, bug bites, etc.)

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Pigmentation after laser hair removal

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Without examining you, it would be impossible to answer yoru question.  If you are using a hydroquinone, one could assume you have developed a postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. That by itself, is not scarring. In fact, most hyperpigmentation does eventually resolve but it can take many months. If however, you developed blisters, and red raised bumps, then it might create scarring, or if you developed depigmentation, (not hypopigmentation) that could be permanent. There are different treatments that can help different people's problems and you should see your doctor frequently as you heal.

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