Should I put the implant in right after tooth extraction (it has infection) or wait for some time for bone to heal? (Photo)

Hi! I need advise. I had tooth infection and my dentist tried to clean my root canal, but not very successfully. That tooth was treated once before (root canal was filled) and closed with permanent filling but looks like it wasn't clean properly so later on infection developed. I heard opposite opinions on topics so I'm lost. One dentist told me that i should do implant right away after extraction as tooth would look more natural rather than drill later on. P.S. Implant that is offered to me is Straumann.

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2 ways of doing this,

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will depend on the doctor skills and diagnose, 
option1, clindamycine 300 mg , for 8 days, previous to the extortion, and you can place the implant, because when the tooth is extracted, the bone socket is cleaned, and also the drill goes more deep, so all the infection will be trespassed, (if there is something remaining). also, when the tooth is extracted, all the anaerobic microorganisms, will be dead ,once the air touch them, so a good cleaning, and a good expert in implants can handle it,
option2, do the extraction, bone cleaning, and wait for the healing process, at least 2 months, and later on, it will be ready for implant setting. 

Wait for implant

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Its  important that the implant is placed in ideal bone health. Since there is infection present its ideal for it to heal properly and grafted; once grafted it would need proper time to heal and then an implant can be placed for ideal health.

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Implant now or later

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It is not ideal to place an implant in an extraction site that has infection.. I suggest extracting the tooth and bone grafting. After this has healed the implant can be placed with a very predictable result.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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