How Did My Nose Get Bigger? (photo)

1 month ago I had surgery. The ps made it slimmer on the top and removed 2mm of the bridge but he said that the tip of my nose is really low so he didn't want to remove the hump because it would make my nose look longer, instead he wanted to use some "mucous membrane" from my scalp and put 3mm (1 cm diameter) on the top of my nose to even it out. My nose is so stiff and hard and it looks like a big hump now.. I am so nervous it won't change and I am scared he put it the wrong place?

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One month post Rhinoplasty

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A month after Rhinoplasty there is a lot of swelling in the bridge of the nose.  Most swelling from the bridge goes away in 3-4 months so you should not get anxious but just return to your surgeon for advice.  Fascia taken from the scalp and placed in the nose usually doesn't last so you may not need to worry.  Just give it time.

How did nose get bigger?

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You are still very swollen and will need a couple of months to see the full effect of this graft. Try and be patient. It should change a lot in the next two months. Good luck.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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1 Month after Rhinoplasty and Nose is Larger

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    1 month after placement of a graft in the dorsum, there will be swelling to the entire nose.  This will give a larger nose appearance that should improve with time.  I would continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon for your concerns.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Swelling After Rhinoplasty

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Though you may believe that your nose looks larger now, it's very likely that this is due to the swelling that you're experiencing.  Swelling is one of the most common side effects experienced after a rhinoplasty, and it can last for up to two years in certain individuals. It's important to be patient during this time as you continue to heal and recover. Over the next several months to 2 years, your swelling should subside and the final results of your procedure will be noticed. If you are unhappy with the results then, I would suggest seeking a second opinion on what can be done.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How did my nose get bigger?

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After one month you will still have a good amount of swelling, and it is too soon to judge the final result. In general, the final result of rhinoplasty surgery will not be evident for 18-24 months. 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months, and the remainder goes down over time. Your nose will continue to change and improve as you heal. I would recommend communicating any concerns to your surgeon. They know the details of your procedure and will be able to provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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One month after rhinoplasty

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Swelling is usually the issue one month after rhinoplasty. It may take up to a year for it to go away.  Good luck.

Nasal augmentation in rhinoplasty

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Personally, I agree with you.  Don't touch anything for several months and then get a couple of different opinions.  Sometimes less is more, and more is less.  good luck.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

Post rhinplasty healing

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You will have to allow at least 6-9 months for healing process to resolve. Even longet after revision surgery.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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