For a Bigger Person at 190lbs. at 5'7", What is the Average Range in Cost for a Tummy Tuck

I wanted to know what is the average cost based on my description for a full tummy tuck? I am 5'7" and weigh 190lbs. I have had a weight loss of 35lbs. after having a baby. I live in Alabama and am trying to get a ideal price range of how much a tummy tuck would cost for someone like me. I know there is no exact price,basically I am trying to find out round about price so that will also help me choose a surgeon because I am going to go ahead and try to schedule my surgery within 3 months.

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Prices for a tummy tuck

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Prices for tummy tucks vary among plastic surgeons in a given community as well as in different areas around the country. If you would like to have surgery performed in your general vicinity, your best bet is to schedule a few consultations with reputable board certified plastic surgeons, figure out who you are comfortable with and what the different prices are. Trying to obtain the lowest price may very well not get you the best result though paying top dollar also doesn't guarantee the results.

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