Bigger nose 4 weeks after removing the splint? (photos)

Hi, I had rhinoplasty six weeks ago. When I removed the splint, I loved the way my nose looked. Four weeks after the removal my nose was still perfect. But two weeks ago my tip started to get bigger. Right after the surgery my doctor told me that it may change it's shape a bit, so I have taped it every night since. Do you think my nose will go back to the shape it had after the removal of the splint, or do I have to get used to it being bigger? Thank you for your answers!

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It's still early

It will take several months for the swelling to gradually subside, but sometimes it is helpful for your surgeon to inject some dilute steroid medication to assist the process.  Perhaps discuss this option with your surgeon.  Either way, it will likely improve substantially over the next few months.

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Bigger nose 4 weeks after removing the splint?

If there is any concern, your should return to your surgeon for an assessment.

The nose can be swollen for up to a year or more. Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed, revision vs primary, etc.

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Your skin is thickening but may shrink again--depends on your skin type

It is common for the soft tissue of the nose to expand after the compressive splints are removed.  If you have fair, relatively thin skin, and there was not over-reduction of your nose from its original size, it is likely that the skin will contract over time and your nose will regain the shape you saw earlier.  If your skin is thick or if there was a lot of reduction os size, the soft tissue may not shrink all the way down (sometime steroid injections can help with thick skin noses).  You should have this conversation with your surgeon.

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