How to Get Bigger Eyes

i have small eyes , is there any surgery available to modify into bigger

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Correcting Small Eyes

This is a complex problem because there are many variables that impact the appearance of the eyes.  The two most common are the brow position and the redundancy of skin of the upper and lower eyelids.  Other factors to consider are the bony prominences of the orbit, the lid position, the length and color of the eyelashes, the overall shape of the eyes and the orientation of the corners of the eye (upsloping, downsloping).

Unfortunately, this is an area where I see a lot of less than optimal results.  Too many physicians see the problem as blepharoplasty, yes or no.  Take your time and choose carefully.  Mistakes with surgery around the eyes are very difficult to correct.

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Blepaharoplasty and/ or browlift can result in "bigger" eyes

Blepaharoplasty and/ or browlift can result in "bigger" eyes. These are typically the most straight-forward procedures that can result in a more "open" or "youthful" or "refreshed" eye. Raising the brow position or removing excess skin from the upper eyelids (if indicated) can have a striking result on a person's upper face. A qualified plastic surgeon can tell you what is indicated after examining you in the office.

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How to get bigger eyes

It all depends on why you feel that your eyes are too small.  If excess skin is crowding the opening of the eye, then blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) surgery may improve the appearance.  Some people simply have different structures to the eye which may be difficult to alter surgically.

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