Does Having a Bigger Bump on my Nose Make the Surgery More Complex? (photo)

My nose didn't always have a bump. I'm 15 right now and will be 16 this June. When I was younger I always remembered having a normal nose (with no bump), but I think when I was about 8 or 9 I hit my nose really hard at school once possibly on that playground set and it was a little bruised when I left school and when got home. I'm not sure if that was really what made my nose look like it does today, but I would really love for someone to answer my question!

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Does having a larger bump on the nose make surgery more complex?

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In general, having a larger sized bump on the nose will not make the surgery more complex. Every patient is different, and each may have circumstances that can lead to a more complex procedure. An examination of your nose by a board certified rhinoplasty specialist would help to best answer any questions you have. I hope this helps, and best of luck! 

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Rhinoplasty for a bump

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Dear vkl28,

  • The short answer to your question is no, having a bigger bump does not make the surgery more complex
  • The bump can form from prior trauma or during puberty, and it really does not matter since it is now there
  • When you are ready, I would see a rhinoplasty specialist who can answer all of your questions for you

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Nose Surgery - impact of bump

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Certainly trauma and genetics influence nasal appearance.  You may have familial nasal structure that is evolving as you grow older that appears as a bump.  For sure we know that trauma influences growth of bony irregularities on your nasal dorsum.  In the next year or two, consider a visit with a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.   Be Well!!

Bump on nose

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The bump your nose is eadily corrected bu rhinoplasty. Bumps can appear as part of aging process or from trauma. Your concerns are understandable, but can be easily addressed with standard rhinoplasty.

Reducing a bump on the nasal bridge is a very common procedures

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Your concern is a very common one. The bump could have resulted from trauma or it might be how your nose is built. Regardless, this is a common reason for seeking rhinoplasty. Reducing a bump on the bridge is a straight-forward procedure and can be done in isolation or along with other maneuvers if there are other parts of your nose that you want to change. I hope this information is helpful.

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