How to Get Bigger Breast?

Im 14 and I wanna know how to grow bigger breast so when im older they will be bigger naturally. .no pills or money ..thank you

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Larger breasts

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Your breast size will be determined by your genetic makeup.  There are no exercises or pills you can take to increase the size.  Your body is going to continue to grow and change for a few more years yet.  Try to just enjoy being a teenager.

Katy Plastic Surgeon

How to have bigger breasts

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Thank you for asking about increasing your breast size as you develop.

  1. Our breast size depends on what we inherit - it is hard to change it.
  2. If you are very thin, gaining weight to a normal size will help.
  3. Otherwise, do your best in school and enjoy your teen age years.
  4. In your 20s, you can have a breast enlargement if you want one - or spend your money on something else that appeals to you more. Best wishes!

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