5'11", 155lb, 605cc - Am I Going Too Big?

Hi Im 31, 5'11, 70kgs and in 24 days im getting 605c implaints. My PS has said it'll be about a D, but im worried it will be bigger then that. I am going under the muscle with hight profile. I want a natural look. Am i going too big???

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600 cc implants

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600 cc implants are pretty large and wil lmore than likely NOT give you the natrual look. The natural look comes with smaller implants and more soft tissue coverage.

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600cc breast implants-is this too big

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Although you may have a larger frame than most women, a 600cc implant is a relatively large implant that may cause you to have more problems in the future.  Implants of that size can be quite heavy, and this can cause stretching on the breast tissue and skin over time.  You may need a lift in the future or could develop back or neck strain.

Review the sizes again carefully with your plastic surgeon prior to selecting your final implant size.

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