Burn from chemical peel?

I got a 50% gylcolic peel & the acid had dropped onto my lower face area and left a rash, the rash then got bit of acid on the next day, after a week or so turned into a red mark possible a burn,a scab then formed however I foolishly picked it off, there was no bleeding or anything I used different lotions such as Vaseline, aloe Vera& aquaphor it has been 22 days & it still looks very red and it is slightly indented in my skin, I can't visit a expert so any at home tips would be appreciated!

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Once the skin has healed, I would suggest Melarase creams to lighten discoloration and Melapads to maintain positive results after a chemical peel. 


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Burn from chemical peel?

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Thanks for your query. The PIH or the burn mark takes a long time to go. You can use a mild steroid to hasten the process, but it would still take somewhere around 15-20 days more for the mark to go .do keep applying the moisturizer or Vaseline. If you want to speed up the process even more then you can visit a dermatologist. Hope it helps.

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