I Have Very Big Upper Incisors (Look Like Buck Teeth) How Can I Make Them Smaller? (photo)

I would like to get my teeth made smaller to get a confident smile, for the first time! Ive had braces and i am now 24, i shouldnt have to live with this smile. I asked my dentist about getting my teeth filed down, he seemed pretty dismissive because i understand its important to keep as much of the enamel as possible but isnt it possible to just get them filed down a little? is this the only option i have? thanks in advance!

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Shaving front teeth: pros and cons

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Yes, you can get your teeth shaved down to look smaller. In between the teeth is the least problematic area as there is very little wear here to be concerned about in the future, so making them thinner is no problem. You will have spaces, but this could be corrected with Invisalign clear orthodontics to pull them together. You could send in the case to Invisalign and they could plan the shaving, called interproximal reduction or IPR, as part of your ttreatment to move the teeth together. However, shortening the length is a little more problematic , but still can be done, due to wear issues on the chewing surfaces over the life of the teeth, or this might make them look too level with all the other teeth thus making you look older. Shortening them and then having Invisalign treatment plan moving the teeth down, called extrusion, might be an option to shorten them and yet still allow them to be slightly longer then the lateral incisors next to them which looks better. Have your dentist do a smile design and compare the sizes of the teeth as there are some formulas of size relationships to one another that always seem to look better. Also have him run a clincheck proposal to see what adjusting coupled with Invislign clear orthodontics will do for you. Good luck! Make sure a well trained cosemetic, Invisalign dentist helps you with this

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