How big the change will be in the shape of the nose after the swelling its gone in Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi, I had my Rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and i know that its still early, but i wanted to know if there will be any difference in the SHAPE of the nose after the swelling its gone, or it will be only a small change in the size? I am a little bit confused because my nose its keep getting bigger and the only difference i see its that the hump its gone (not completely), but my doctor told me that she also made the tip a little bit smaller and more up. Will i see any significant change after 6 months?

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Nose Changes up to 1 year after rhinoplasty

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Rest assured- your rhinoplasty result at 1 month is NOT the same as what you'll see at 12 months. BUT, the amount of remaining change can be less than what you might be looking for. Think of it this way- at a month you might have 80% of your result. You might be that close to the final shape. The remaining 20% represents a subtle and modest resolution of the remaining tip swelling. These actual numbers are estimates only, but suffice it to say that your nose will change a little bit more. 

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