Big or Small Boobs? Had Implants For 26 Years, Are Leaking and Need Replacement?

i have had implants for 26 years, i never had large implants, just implants to look natural as i never developed as a teenager But have been told that they are leaking and need replacing. my breast look very natural and feel natural too, most doctors can’t tell I have had implants. I had the implants put in through the nipple which I understand they don’t do now. How can I ensure I end up with the same type of breast that I have now a natural soft breast with hardly any scaring

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Breast implants

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First, if your implants are leaking, then they shoudl be replaced. Often a similar implant can be exchanged and they can be placed through a periareolar approach if the incison can be made large enough to treat the problem.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Replacing Ruptured Implants

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     If an implant has ruptured and you would like to have similar looking breasts, I would recommend replacement of the implants.  The breasts should look very similar if the volume is the same and no capsule work has to be done.  Find the board certified plastic surgeon with the BEST credentials to perform the surgery for you.

Implant Rupture

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I would recommend removal based on the fact that the implants are ruptured.  There is no guarantee that your result after surgery will be the same as before. Certainly recommend being evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

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