Post Revision Otoplasty: Large Scar Behind Ear

Had bilateral otoplasty done June 2010. Left ear still sticked out too much compared to the right one and they were really uneven so i had revision in October 2010 for that left ear.At first i noticed ear would stay too close to the head but now looks great and even.

Trouble is the big noticeable scar left from revision and small nodule.Having a fix scheduled for 24th August,but im worried it would make ear look uneven or too close to head again by removing the scar.Using Kelocote to no avail.

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Scar revision with Otoplasty Surgery

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Scar revision of the otoplasty scar should not affect the result of the otoplasty itself.  Scar revision will reduce the appearance of the scar, should not move the ear.

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