Help! I can see the flat top of my silicone implants? (Photo)

I got my breast Aug 3 years ago with 500cc HP under the muscle, since then I've had some degree of lateral bottoming out due to me having an outward chest wall (barrel chest or something) but not that bad,I'm always in a bra. But I've noticed lately that I can see the flat circle top of my silicon implants through my skin! after looking at implant pictures online I can see that the silicon implants have This flat circle at the top of the implant, but why can I see mine, they're under the muscle!

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Help! I can see the flat top of my silicone implants?

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I think that what you are seeing is a depression in the implant caused by your tissue being thin and loose. It is difficult to tell from your photos and you probably will be best served to be seen by your surgeon who can look at you in multiple different positions. There are multiple options to correct your situation including a larger implant volume or a thicker type of gel implant. Allergan also has a new implant called the Inspira that is filled to 90% of what the implant will hold compared to 75% for their older style implants. 

Flat spot on breast

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I can see your flat spot in your photo, but I can not see your breast shape, position, and where the implant is lying with these limited views. More standard breast photos might help. I wonder if your implant has slid down and laterally with the bottoming out you mentioned. If so the center of the implant may no longer be covered by muscle and more visible through the thin skin. If so you may need the bottoming out problem fixed. Discuss with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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