27 yr old requesting opinion on brow lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 27 year old female contemplating a brow lift. I feel like my eyes give off a tired/disinterested look and I am constantly having to raise them up while conversing with others. Is it normal for my brow and eyelids to be drooping at this level? Is surgery recommended?

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Brow lift for a 27-year-old

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Solely based on your photographs, you would have a few options. Noninvasively, you can try a neuromodulator such as Botox ® or Xeomen ® to help elevate your brows and even create a graceful arch. The lateral ends of your brows obviously need to be elevated more than the medial or inner aspects otherwise you will look surprised.  If you are dissatisfied with that approach, an endoscopic browlift can be performed. Some may question performing a browlift on a 27-year-old  but I reminded him I operate to treat a feature or problem -I do not operate  to treat an age. A brow lift  will also have the benefits of decreasing the horizontal lines across your forehead as well as remove the "11" vertical lines between your eyebrows caused by brow "scrunching".

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. Surgery is certainly an option as a brow lift will address the tired/disinterested look and a blepharoplasty will address the drooping eyelids. Injectables are an option as well. I suggest you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to determine which procedure works best for you. Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Dear dominos123, It is often a misconception that when the brows drop you should be older however this is a very common problem we see in many patients at your age. The patients chief complaint will be that they look tired or angry when they feel fine and are young. Typically in patients your age I recommend an endoscopic brow lift where there is no skin removed and there are no tell tale signs of surgery, This procedure allows the patient to gain a more youthful appearance and basically the patients state they look the same way they did prior to the pre-mature aging process they have seen. This is a procedure that has very remarkable results with a very minimal downtime. The entire female office staff at my facility has had this procedure performed due to its natural look and the "eye opening" results. I think you would be a candidate for this procedure however a consultation and examination would determine the best course of action. The video above shows a patient just a few years older then you and the link below shows many examples. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Lifting Sagging Brows

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You appear to demonstrate sagging brows. Youthful brows are at or higher than the bony ridge above the upper rim of the eye socket. A youthful brow has an arch centered over the lateral aspect of the colored portion of the iris.( lateral limbus). Although the brow can be listed temporarily with an artistic injection of Botox or Xeomin into the muscles that pull the brow down, a permanent lift can be brought about by several techniques of Brow Lifting; each one of them has pluses and minuses. I would advise you meet with a qualified Plastic surgeon and review all the options available to you. 
Dr. Peter A. Aldea Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Eyebrow lift candidate

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  The eyebrows can be slightly lifted on a temporary basis with Botox. For a permanent result, a very conservative  surgical brow lift can accomplish lifting the eyebrows. For many examples and more information, please see the link and the video below

William Portuese, MD
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27 yr old requesting opinion on brow lift.

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Hi, I have performed many Brow Lifts over the past 30 years and from the photo, your Brows do appear to be low.  A Brow Lift would raise the eyebrows into the proper aesthetic position. In cases where the eyebrows are low in a 20-30 year olds, the upper eyelid fullness is related to the low position of the brows.  Typically, excess upper eyelid skin will not show until patients are in their 40's.  This means that the upper eyelid fullness will be reduced with a proper Brow Lift in a younger patient.
Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift in the young female.

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I see patients like you who have congenital brow ptosis or sagging. A brow lift done at your hairline using the technique we developed call the Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift will raise your brows and NOT raise your hairline without a noticeable scar since hair grows thru the scar and in front of it.An endoscopic lift will raise your hairline. Your hairline can be lowered as well. See the surgeons scar photos or a live patient .

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Browlift to brighten your eyes

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Thank you for your picture.  I answered a question previously that was very similar to yours - just goes to show you that you are not alone in feeling this way! 
Basically, in my mind, you can do two things. You can do a chemical brow lift to help open your eyes with either botox or dysport, or you can go for a surgical lift that would be a more permanent "fix" to help open your eyes.  Both have pros and cons - chemical lifts can only "open" you up so much, and they are temporary. However it is a nice, noninvasive way of getting you to where you want to get.  The other option is more permanent obviously, but does have some recovery time.  Endoscopically your surgeon would be able to help reposition your brows in a more natural, youthful position.  Either option is good as you are young to be honest.  It really depends on what you are looking to achieve.  That being said, I think that I like your assessment and like your thinking. Either option would open your eyes and give you a refreshed look.
Best of luck! I hope some of this helps.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lifting your brows at a young age

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iI have encountered several patients like yourself that would like a more curved arch to their brow.  From your picture, it looks like it is more on the horizontal shape than the gold standard arch.  I usually recommend my patients to first try doing something non-invasive like botox/dysport to get the results they are looking for. If that doesnt work, then there are several options for raising the brow to a more desired level: transbleph endotine, endoscopic eyebrow lift, temporal brow lift, or a browpexy.  I would consult a surgeon who performs these on a regular basis to discuss which is your best surgical option. Best of luck!

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