Dark Spot After TCA Peel

I am Asian of Indian origin.I had a 35% TCA about 3 months back.Overall I did see a difference in my skin texture, it looks much smoother. But I have been left with a huge brownish discoloration which is fading very slowly. I used 2% hydroquinone for about a month then switched to 4% hydroquinone. How long should I continue with this treatment and will this mark eventually go away? In the mornings this mark appears much lighter, but it seems to get darker as the day progresses? Thanks.

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Dark spot after TCA peel

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The dark spot represents a condition called "postinflammatory hyperpigmentation" and people of Asian descent are at greater risk of developing this problem after peels and laser procedures.  It is suggested that you use an SPF 30 or greater, broad specrum sunscreen/block over the dark area daily or better yet, avoid direct sun exposure to the dark areas all together.  A combination of hydroquinone, retinoid and hydrocortisone may be more beneficial than hydroquinone alone (e.g. Tri-Luma).

The pigmentation can last several months but typically will eventually fade.

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