Big Nose. Will Nasofix Work For Me or Should I Get Surgery? (photo)

My nose is too big for my face.Will using a device like nasofix actually help or should I opt for corrective surgery? What kind or corrective surgery would I need?

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Big Nose. Will Nasofix Work For Me or Should I Get Surgery?

I agree with Dr. Salzhauer. I had not heard of nasofix until reading your question. I've researched it and evaluated the manufacturer's website. Bottom line, there is no peer-reviewed or objective data to support the effectiveness of these devices. Further, the results shown on their website show changes to the nasal bones which the device is clearly not capable of producing. Those are surgical changes. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Doubt nasofix will work...

Hi Singh: 


I may be a bit biased, because I am a plastic surgeon after all...however, I don't think nasofix will correct the problem adequately. See a surgeon and get a full evaluation to see what would work...


Hope this helps,


Dr. Michael in Miami

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