I Have a Very Big Nose, Starting to Get in the Way of my Breathing? (photo)

I have big, fat nose. it's bubbly and wide every time I smile. For years I've dealt with it, even coming to terms with my self image. However, strangely enough it's starting to feel heavier and sometimes I just want to hold it up to breath better. I can honestly say that i'm not financially equipped and cannot take out a loan. But when I am ready, I would like to pay out of pocket installments is that possible? What options do I have? Must I result to open Rhinoplasty alone? What do you suggest?

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Rhinoplasty and nasal obstruction

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 Nasal obstruction is caused by a variety of issues inside the nose such as turbinate hypertrophy, deviated septum, valve collapse, and allergies. Medical and surgical management of nasal obstruction is considered a medical necessity and is billed to the patient's medical insurance. A cosmetic rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic and the patients pay for  that portion of the surgery themselves. There are multiple financing options available in the plastic surgery market place. Some doctors will allow you to make payments and then  have the surgery after  you have made all the payments.

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Big nose and breathing problems

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See a Facial Plastic Surgeons to assess your airway and what is the cause of your breathing difficulties. Then you can deal with the cosmetic changes you want to your nose. There are loan companies for Cosmetic surgery so you do not need to worry about the total price as you can pay by installments

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