Big Lump On Forehead After A Fat Graft (Photo)

I had a fat graft injected to my forehead 10 weeks ago. At 6th week post op I felt a lump on my forehead. During my last week visit's, my doctor did extraction with a syringe. He showed me the yellowish content which was drew out and said lump was caused by the fat which has died. Are there any other method to remove the lump? Is it permanent? I'm so worried. First: 7th week 2nd row: 9th week 3rd row: current 10th week

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Lump after fat transfer

Please be the patient.  If this is a fluid collection from fat necrosing or dying then it should go away but may require multiple aspirations.  Also, it may be helpful to inject steroid mixed with 5 fluorouracil to further atrophy remaining fat and reduce collagen production at this early stage of healing.  More than likely this will even out but it will take some attention and treatment.

the most critical thing is that he follow up with your doctor closely and follow there guidance

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