How Big is Large and Small Handpiece of Zeltiq?

what‘s size of treatment area

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CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Applicator Size

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Zeltiq currently offers four different applicator types, the Max, CoolCore, CoolCurve, and CoolFit.  The Max applicator has 2.5 times the cooling capacity of the Core and the Fit has 38% greater capacity than the core.  More important than the size of the applicator is how it is applied.  Find a respected CoolSculpting provider to have a personal consultation and assessment.  Your provider can come up with a treatment plan based on your body's needs.
Providers that do a higher volume of CoolSculpting treatments have better experience in assessing and treating patients.  Finding the right candidate is essential, as CoolSculpting is not for everybody. Next your provider will determine a treatment plan and choose the applicators that will target your problem area.  The right applicator and placement of it will follow the layout of the fat.  Multiple applications and treatments may be necessary to fully treat the area.
My practice in Raleigh NC is the top provider of CoolSculpting in the region and offers free CoolSculpting when a CoolSculpting treatment is paid for. 

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The CoolSculpt device currently offers approximately 4 different handpieces. These are utilized to address a variety of sizes and shapes among patients and unique regions of the body. There exists a larger-sized piece that works well primarily in the central abdomen. Use of one handpiece versus another comes down to accommodating patient size and region of the body. In our center, we arrive at a customized plan based on the uniquely-tailored goal and needs of each patient.

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Difference between large and small hand piece of Zeltiq CoolSculpting device?

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There are several different applicators that can be used with the CoolSculpting device. There are two different sizes to treat the front of the abdomen and then there are different shaped applicators to treat various other areas, like the flanks. There is a relatively simple way of estimating the size of applicator needed to treat the front of the abdomen. The smaller applicator can treat about the size of a fist, while the larger applicator can treat about the size of two fists. This method is just an estimate, as the size of the applicator is best determined by seeing the patient in person.

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Size of handpiece

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There are three different sizes of the Zeltiq handpieces.  The different sizes are small, medium, and large to accomodate the different sizes of the body that they need to be adapted to.  Some abdomens are small and some are large and need different size adaptors.  Buttocks and flanks are similarly smaller in treatment sizes and need a different size adaptor.  Coolsculpting has great cosmetic results and works in a great way to non-surgically contour the body.

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