Tired and sleepy eyes; what should I do? (Photo)

my eyes have started to look like this.it's sleepy lifeless and small.they are not symmetrical.I used to have styes on both eyes and got them removed a year ago.I am 19 year old.what should I do to get fuller and healthier eyes.do I suffer from any deficiency?

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Ptosis at young age

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It is difficult to examine the position of your eyelids from this photo because you're smiling.  If asymmetry is an issue,  sometimes, Botox can be used to improve it.  If you think your eyelids started to droop, we'd have to do measurements to ensure that you have ptosis.  At 19 you need to find out if there is a medical reason to be having the ptosis.  It could be a muscular problem which might be treated with medication.  After determining that the ptosis is not medically related or doesn’t require medical intervention, there are different options for treatment.  Sometimes surgery is indicated.  I would definitely see an oculoplastic surgeon to look at options for correction, if necessary.

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Thank you for sharing your photo. It appears that your eyelids are ptotic. This can be corrected by one of a few methods by an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon. Healing time is relatively fast. I hope this helps.  Good luck,

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