What's the best option for dental implants: zirconium implant or titanium implant?

i k.v.rajasekhar from india working as a teacher. i lost my 2 crown teeth in an accident. please suggest me

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Dental Implant Materials — Titanium vs Zirconia

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Missing tooth looks ugly ad to fill these gap there is best option available i.e. Dental Implants. I would recommend to consult best dentist for the treatment and he answer of your question like which one is the best option among zirconium implant or titanium implant you can read this article "Types of Dental Implant Materials — Titanium vs Zirconia"Hope you get a help to make a right decision!Thanks!!

San Diego Dentist

Zirconuium vs. Titanium implants

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The short answer is titanium implants are  better.Titanium implants have been in use for approx. 50 years and enjoy a very high success rate and track record.  Most implants manufactured today are made of titanium alloy Ti6Al4v with different surface modifications based on manufacturers. Millions of theses implants are successfully integrated in patients worldwide. We cannot make the same claim about Zr implants.Zirconium is a very biocompatible material and implants made of zirconium will integrated to bone.  This has been shown in numerous studies.  The issue is that the manufacturing and material properties of Zr implants require that the implant and abutment be in one piece.  This can limit the clinical  applications where these implants can be used.

Rami Jandali, DMD, MS
Farmington Prosthodontist

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