What's the best option for permanent hair removal?

my legs , thighs, chest, back, all hve hairs, also my chin haira are coming, i am unable to stand in front of anyone,,,.i want permanent reduction of body hair

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Permanent hair reduction

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If you want permanent reduction without burning or discoloration of your skin, consukt a board-certified dermatologist with an alexandrite, diode or NdYag laser. Do not go to a spa.

More details are available on my Q and A on laser hair removal on my website.

New York Dermatologist
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Hair Removal Options

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Thank you for your question. The best two lasers are the 755nm and 1064 wavelengths. The best laser is by Candela, followed by Cynosure in my opinion. Candela is best at removing the fine hair left after treatments. I hope this helps!

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Best Option for Laser Hair Removal

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The GentleMax Pro is a single consolidated system that delivers a range of treatments - all skin type hair removal, as well as pigmented and vascular lesions. It is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, outstanding performance, safety and patient satisfaction. The newer larger heads minimize treatment times significantly.

Laser Hair Removal

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Thank you for your question.  The most effective treatment for hair reduction would be laser hair removal.  We currently use the Lightsheer laser by Lumenis and the Profile Clearscan by Sciton.  You may need to be treated from 3 to 5 times at intervals of 3 to 8 weeks.  There are three phases of hair growth - anagen catagen, and telogen.  Only hairs in the active growth phase, anagen, can be successfully treated.  Some redness and slight swelling may be present in the area that has been treated; however, this should subside within a few hours  Keep the treated area clean, use at least SPF 15 sunscreen when outdoors, and follow physician instructions before and after your treatments. 

R. Scott Yarish, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Laser hair removal is not permanent

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Laser hair removal is not permanent, It depends on the area and type of hair how long the hair will take to grow back. Everyone is different. Try and find someone good in your area for this and go in for a consultation so they can see the type of hair on the area, and set a plan for you from there. Good Luck

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent Hair Reduction by Laser

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The best way to permanently remove hair is through laser hair removal.  The most important thing is to match the laser based on the skin color and type of hair that you have.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist who has laser hair removal for all skin types so that you have safe and effective results.

Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal, in the absence of underlying hormonal abnormalities, remains permanent.  The issue will be how many treatments will be necessary and how expensive will the treatment become?  The lasers used for this purpose are generally favored over IPL (intense pulsed light) sources.  Your skin type and hair color will be considered by the physician as well as the location.  Expect about twice as many treatments to reach the same percentage of hair loss for the back or legs than the face or underarms.  If it's 5-6 treatments to thin facial hair by 90%, then it will be 12 or more to do the same for the back, abdomen or legs.  

Laser hair removal, especially when used over larger areas, is the leading cause of laser related malpractice cases in the US.  The majority of cases are brought against operators who are nurses or physicians assistants in non-office environments such as med spas.  The American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons (asds) has a position statement about this problem.

Consider seeing only a board certified dermatologist with expertise in the use of lasers for hair removal.

Christopher Dannaker, DO, FAAD
Monterey Dermatologic Surgeon
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