Is this Septoplasty Turbinate Surgery effective for future or in a few years will it create the same problem again?

Is this septoplasty turbinate surgery effective for future or few years again create same problem?

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Septoplasty and Inferior Turbinate Reduction

Most patients having this surgery have significant improvement in their ability to breathe and not require additional surgery. The nasal septum will never be perfectly straight and some patients notice one side may breathe a little better than the other side. The inferior turbinates can sometimes expand after reduction and cause obstruction down the road. You want to avoid complete inferior turbinate removal as this can cause a very unpleasant "empty nose syndrome". Allergies can also cause congestion even with a straight nasal septum.

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Dear amol_bhagwat123, 

Once a Septoplasty/Turbinate Resection is completed patients usually find that they do not need any follow up surgeries, as long as there is no trauma to the area in the future. Good luck!

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