Is all this scabbing normal post 7 days HT? (Photo)

I had HT 7 days ago. I started washing recipient area from 7th day and immediately after shampooing and pouring water I saw lots of yellowish and whittish stuff. Is it normal?

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Is all this scabbing normal post 7 days HT?

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Thank you for your question. After the operation you will have bandages on your donor area which will be removed at the 3rdpostoperative day. We will wash your head and teach you how to take care with the donor and scalp area. You will be advised some products that you have to use after the operation. Your newly transplanted hairs will start to fall after the 3rd week which is a natural process after the hair transplantation. The new hairs will start to grow at the 3rd month and the complete results will be seen in 9 months of period.

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You may not be washing your hair well enough. It is important to follow post operative instructions.

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You may not be washing your hair well enough.  It is important to follow post operative instructions.  At this point you should contact your doctor for a recheck.

Jae Pak, MD
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Crusts Remain

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Grafts contain the hair follicles that are transplanted. Your post operative care is terrible as the crusts remain caked onto your head. Be sure not to pick these off as you now have to wait until they fall off with twice daily shampooing and leaving the shampoo on your head for 5-10 minutes and gently massaging the crusts until they fall off in the next few weeks. Your doctors should have told you how to wash your hair immediately after the surgery so you would have looked like the picture in the web reference below

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Hair transplant

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It is normal to have some scabbing one week after a hair transplant. As you shampoo and wash your hair, seeing some of this debris in the rinse, again, would be normal. That said, lots of white/yellow material is a little odd.Fortunately, I do not see anything obvious from the image, I would still recommend a follow up with  your surgeon for a more thorough discussion and examination.

Mark Hamilton, MD
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Congratulations on your hair transplant. We normally encourage patients to wash their hair with shampoo at the 5 day mark as the follicles are rooted by then. It is hard to tell whether the yellow/whitish deposits are as a result of infection but it is best to get in touch with your surgeon for a review. It is normal for scabs and hair to fall off at this stage.

Post Hair Transplant

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Hi Pankajraj20Thank you so much for your question and photo, and congratulations on your transplant, it is a big step, but one that is very rewarding.It is very difficult to tell what the problem is, I would encourage you to see your surgeon.  Review your shampoo, as often this can cause a reaction to those who have a sensitivity to preservatives.

Hard to tell

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This could be an infection or it could be nothing. The next best step is an in person follow up with your doctor. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist

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