How do I get rid of my epidermal naevi? (Photo)

I have undergone electro cautery to reduce the thickness on my cheek... I do not have it anywhere else.. Im 19 and would like this to scar fade to a large extent if not go away completely... I also get pimples over that area mostly and the pimples leave scars... Please suggest some treatments....

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Difficult - erbium laser vs others

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This area is difficult. Especially in your skin type. Epidermal navevi can grow back unless surgery is performed. This is v v difficult in your location. 

The superficial element of pigmentation can be fade with lasers like the one below (see video), debunking of the naevus can be done with an erbium. We really do need to get a proper diagnosis, as this may also represent an atypical organoid naves, given the pimples in the area. See a laser dermatologist for more help and a through examination. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim
Laser dermatologist 
Brisbane, Australia 

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