Does ptosis surgery leave a permanent mark on the eyelid? (Photo)

My right eye looks smaller in comparison to my left eye. Is it ptosis or extra skin fold? After surgery will it get rectified? And will the surgery leave visible marks?

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Does ptosis surgery leave a permanent mark on the eyelid?

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Ptosis surgery can be done without making any mark on the eyelid.  There are several different ways to surgically accomplish a ptosis repair, and two of them do not involve making an incision in the eyelid skin.  It is very difficult to see what is going on in the photos you submitted.  I would suggest a full examination by an oculopalstic surgeon.Good Luck.

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Ptosis surgery scars

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While it is hard to tell exactly what is going on with just two photos - really an in person exam with an oculoplastic surgeon would be best to determine the exact cause of your smaller eye. That being said, there are two main ways to fix ptosis. Either a Levator Advancement or a Mullerectomy. 
  • In a Levator Advancement, a skin incision is made, the muscle is found and reconnected to the eyelid. The incision is in the lid cease, so it is usually well hidden, and generally not bothersome once it heals. You really only see it when you are closing your eyes and specifically looking for it. 
  • In a Mullerectomy, the incision is on the inside of the eyelid, so you don't see it at all. 
Both have their pluses and minuses. I do both procedures, it depends on the patient's specific needs. Good luck, hope that helps!

Dan Landmann, MD
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Ptosis repair for minimal eyelid drop

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Thank you for sharing your question. Your photos are of poor quality to make an accurate judgement call. It appears that a minimally invasive ptosis repair might improve your condition and would not leave a mark. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon for comprehensive evaluation and discussion of treatment options.  Good luck,

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