Want to know is there any possibility that my lip , nose can be fine as normal person? (photos)

I am 25year old female. Born with cleft lip and palate both. Had gone through 3 surgeries but lip is not good at all and palate is not fixed yet. I want to get fixed my lip . Is it possible that my lip can be repair as other people?? I am staying in siliguri, India. Thank you.

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Cleft nose and lip

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When you ask if you can be as fine as a "normal person" I will tell you that there is no normal!  Everyone is different, every ethnicity has a different "normal."  But I understand what you mean, and I do think you can get improvement.  Your scar is wide and depressed and this can be fixed.  Your nose is underprojected (flat) and this can also be improved.  You may never look perfectly the same as someone born without a cleft, but your look can be improved. See a surgeon who has done specialized craniofacial training and is experienced with cleft lip and cleft rhinoplasty.Best of luckDr Rodman

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Clef Lip

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I would recommend that you consult with a board certified plastic
surgeon who has experience with the clef lip and pallet procedures. They will
determine what is needed to repair and help achieve your cosmetic goals.

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