What treatment would you recommend for upper lips darkness?

I m saroj.age 27.I have upper lip darkness since. 14 Years, its looks so dirty......beacause having this I feels so imbarrensed......plz tell the treatment to remove it totally ....I think its due to harmonal problem ........ thank uu so much

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The easiest way to start treating your hyperpigmentation would be using hydroquinone pads on the affected area at night and a good sunblock in the morning.  Some can find chemical/laser peels and IPL treatments beneficial as well.   

Upper Lip Darkness

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Great question!

There are many different conditions that can cause darkening of facial skin, and treatments may vary based on the underlying cause.  I would recommend that you schedule a consultation with your local dermatologist, to better understand what is causing your dark spots and to develop a treatment plan.  Some of the treatment options mat include skin bleaching creams, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, as well as lasers in some, carefully selected patients.

Sun exposure will worsen most dark spots on the skin.  Excellent sun protection is absolutely necessary regardless of what treatments you receive.  I would recommend that you start using a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing zinc oxide every day, if you do not do so already.  Good luck!  

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