Pain after crown and root canal. Any suggestions?

After accident, I got 2 of my teeth treated with root canal and have crown too. But, now I am having pain in both of my teeth. When I consulted my dentist, she said it might be because the lower teeth are touching upper ones (upper ones are where I got the treatment). She trimmed my lower teeth too. But now I am having severe pain and sensitivity in lower tooth too. I am just tired of all this situation. Kindly help and suggest whats wrong and what I should do.

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Pain after root canal

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It seems like you need to have a second opinion.  There are many reasons why you may have sensitivity after a root canal.  Some of those reasons could be that you may still have an infection, and need to be treated with antiobiotics.  Your doctor may have missed an accessory canal and may need to retreat your root canal.  If your current doctor is not helping you, seek a second opinion.  Hope that helps.

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