Morning vision blurry but enhances after few hours. I have been treated for -8 d myopia 2.5 month ago.

It is only in right eye..left eye enhanced for -0.75 after two month Lasik.but now right eye start fluctuating....m in stress .lubricant drop not helping .m puting them like crazy .as I checked in morning I hav 0.75 -d myopia but as I observ it get ok after few hours like upto afternoon .is it eye pressure that doing this or my myopia is coming back .left eye is ok .my age is 20 .i hv medical exam at 20 June for airforce India ..m so afraid .pls help me ..

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Blurry Vision

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Based on your symptoms, it sounds like you are suffering from dry eyes.  If you have regression or a residual prescription, your vision is not likely to fluctuate as you are describing.  However, if you are using your artificial tears every hour or more and you are still not noticing an improvement in your vision, there may be another reason for your symptoms.  I would recommend that you speak with your surgeon and have your eyes evaluated in person. 

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Ask your doctor your questions?

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I've answered over 100 questions from visitors to RealSelf but noticed that you stand out by asking many frequent questions that your doctor should be answering

are you not asking, or is he/she not answering, or are you dissatisfied with the answers?

it would help if you state what your doctor says the problem is, before I answer your question

also if you're not getting the answers you need you should probably see a cornea trained expert for a second opinion, and not just ask RealSelf a dozen questions

no matter how expert the doctors here are, we cannot examine you, so it's always better to be actually seen for a second opinion

hope this makes sense to you and good luck

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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