Mild case of evaporative dry eye. Which refractive surgery is right for me?

I have mild dryness in eyes due to contact lens over use and some medication. I am currently on omega 3 fatty acids and artificial tears. I have -6 spherical and -1 cylindrical in both eyes. I am 20 years old. When would be the right time to undergo surgery. And is relex smile suitable for me ?

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LASEK is better than LASIK for dry eyes

any cutting procedure will cut your corneal nerves and make your dry eyes worse
so those are LASIK, i-LASIK or femtosecond or "bladeless" LASIK, or SMILE

the noncutting procedures don't cut your corneal nerves so wont make your DES worse
those are PRK (which hurts and takes forever to heal) and LASEK and EpiLASEK

you have astigmatism and smile can't fix that

you should get punctal plugs and restasis beforehand

hope this helps!:)

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Refractive Surgery and Dry Eye - Best Options

You pose an interesting question. Dry eye affects not only your vision but the readings that we get when we want to perform optimal refractive surgery. If your prescription has not changed over the past year, you might be a good candidate for laser vision correction. However, in our practice, it is important to maximize the tear film, not only for your comfort and because vision correction may exacerbate the dry eye condition, but also so that you can have the most accurate results. These days, our technology can allow for vision that is significantly better than glasses and contacts if the diagnostic tests are able to pick up fine aberrations, which they won't without optimizing your tear film. Without a consultation, I cannot tell you what dry eye you have but you seem to be on the right track with using omega-3 fatty acids. Since there are three different types of dry eye, punctal plugs, Restasis, and ThermiRF treatments and the correct tear supplementation may all play into the correct treatment. Each treats a different aspect of the tear film. After figuring out the cause of your dry eye, whether to have LASIK, LASEK, or PRK can be determined. The first steps are to optimize your tear film as you have not exhausted all the options, refine your prescription and make sure it is stable, and then have the customized treatment that will give you the best vision for decades to come. I hope that is helpful, as there are many confusing blog posts out there. Schedule a consultation with a specialist and review these options. 

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