Do you think I lost grafts 17 days post op?

Hi, 17 days post op (FUE) I had to attend a family event, So I decided to wear a cap since I had visible crusting on my scalp. On my way back home I fell asleep in the car. When I woke up later I noticed that there were around 20 crusts with hair in them in my cap. I think it was a result of my head resting on the headrest of the seat, resulting in the cap rubbing/ touching my scalp. Now I wouldn't be concerned if they came off in the shower, but my scalp was dry when this happened. Is this ok?

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Potential Graft Damage

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17 days from your transplant surgery means that your grafts are established pretty strongly. If there was no significant trauma or bleeding then it is doubtful that you did any damage to your grafts. Those were probably just the hairs being shed, not the grafts. If you're really concerned you can ask your doctor to take a look for you.

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​There is no way to truly tell if you lost grafts. If you are concerned it is best to see your doctor for an examination in

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There is no way to truly tell if you lost grafts.  If you are concerned it is best to see your doctor for an examination in person.

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Lost grafts?

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If you lost grafts, you would see bleeding at the site where the grafts came out. Shedding of the crusts is normal, don't worry

William Rassman, MD
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Post op hair loss

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At 17 days there is not a concern at all of losing the grafts.  The case is the same with FUE or FUT grafts.  The most critical period is actually the very first few days after surgery.  It is then that there is a potential for one to lose grafts.  If that does happen it is also usually accompanied by bleeding.  At 2 weeks+ after surgery the hairs are just breaking off.  The root is actually still intact and below the surface of the skin.  Just as stated in your post op info, the hair will start to regrow again in 3-4 months.  As a final note, at this time you really shouldn't have any more crusts remaining.  You should make sure you are washing your hair every day.  At this time you can be a little more aggressive with you hair washing and use your finger tips.  Try to work all of those crusts off in the next couple of days.  It will help speed up the healing process and look much nicer.

David Josephitis, DO
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