How long it will take to fix my teeth with braces? I'm 18 (Photo)

Braces will be helpful or not for fixing my teeths

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How Long Will Braces Take?

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It is not possible to predict how long braces will take to fix your teeth with the given information; however, the fastest orthodontic appliance on the market today is a product called Fastbraces. It is a patented and unique bracket and wire system that differs from conventional bracket and wire systems in the shape of the bracket and wire as well as the materials used to fabricate the wires. Instead of talking in terms of years to complete orthodontic treatment we now speak in terms of months. Recently Fastbraces developed a newer system called Turbo Fastbraces which now discusses orthodontic treatment in terms of DAYS.  If you are a candidate for Turbo Fastbraces you could finish treatment in as little as 100 days!Good luck!

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