Would lip lift help me? Can something be done to reduce width of my lower jaw? (photos)

My upper lip seems to cover my lower lip.would lip lift help?my lower face looks wide and its more wider on one side.what can be done?when i take pictures of my face in lying position from above ,it looks much better.can something be done to make it look that way from front?

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Lip lift to improve jaw, upper and lower lip?

Thank you for asking about your lip lift.
  • I am sorry you are troubled by your facial proportions.
  • I think you have a combination of a weak chin/lower jaw and possibly a long upper lip and possibly lack of support of the base of your nose - yes, it can get complicated.
  • But you need a careful examination and probably some x-rays to figure out the best treatment.
  • Please see a plastic or facial plastic surgeon who does these procedures to see what the best approach is for you.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Would a lip lift help or do I need jaw surgery?

Ruhani 1 Your upper lip is indeed long but performing in upper lip lift will not "fix" your aesthetic concerns. You have a receded lower lip to such a degree that the plastic surgeon must consider a receded lower mandible (lower jaw) in their diagnosis. Only a physical exam with possible radiographs will reveal that condition with accuracy. 
However, I can tell that your bony foundation of your lower jaw is weak since you have excess soft tissue with resultant shadows defining  jowls that should not be present at your age. I call these jowls "pseudo jowls". If your jaw is weak (as well as your bite) either a combination of orthognathic surgery and orthodontia  or a chin augmentation with an implant may be indicated. That will also help support the lower lip and improve the jowls. Once the bony foundation of your lower lip is addressed,  A lower lip V-Y plasty can be performed to better balance the upper lip, especially after an upper lip lift has been performed.

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