I had my root canal treatment and crowned with porcelain in 2012. For past two days I experience pain in that tooth?

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Root canal and crown tooth that has pain

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You need to see your dentist.  From the sound of it is may be that the tooth has become reinfected and you may need to see a specialist.  Your dentist should take an radiograph of the tooth to examine the roots and see exactly what is going on to determine the next steps.  If may also be another tooth in the same area
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Could be many things

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Without an x-ray it is impossible to give you a definite cause since it could be caused by a couple things.  First, when you get a crown, the lab tries to make it as anatomically correct as possible.  Sometimes there are tiny areas of imperfections that can collect plaque.  If you don't keep up with your hygeine,especially flossing, this can lead to gum and PDL irritation causing the tooth to hurt.  Second, it could be a fractured root.  When you get a root canal you are removing the hydrating component of the tooth causing the tooth to become brittle.  Sometimes a tooth's root can become overstressed and fracture due to the brittleness.  Third, possible reason could be reinfection of the tooth.  After a root canal the infection will usually go away.  However it will sometimes not get rid of it completely and it could grow again causing pain. At that point you would need an apicoectomy.  Lastly the pain could be coming from a tooth near the root canalled tooth and not necessarily the tooth that was worked on.  I've seen it before.

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