I plan to start on Finastride but my DHT level is 324 pg/ml. Would Finastride reduce it to very low levels?

I am a 37 year old male with a Norwood Scale 3. My testosterone level is 7 ng/ml and DHT is 324 pg/ml. My lab report shows the normal DHT range to be 250-990 pg/ml. If Finastride reduces my DHT levels by about 50%, then my DHT level would be around 160 pg/ml which is below the normal minimum. Does that mean I would face serious side effects? Is it advisable to take Finastride considering this information?

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The use of finasteride

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The lower the blood levels of DHT, the less effective finasteride is. That is why some men with low Testosterone and DHT do not get a good response to finasteride. Finasteride, nevertheless, does work at the hair receptor level so it still may have value, but possibly less

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