I want my overbite to be fixed! Any suggestions? (photos)

Can anyone tell me is it a major or minor overbite ? And I don't want to get the metal braces as my tooth would be extracted . Is extraction of tooth needed for my tooth ? Please help. Is there any other way .like invslign or clear braces. As I don't want metal braces as it's difficult to maintain and causes pain .please help.

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Overbite Correction

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What you actually need is an overjet correction, not an overbite correction. This means that your lower jaw is too far back. When your jaw is too far back it results in a weak chin. Extracting upper bicuspid teeth and pulling the upper anterior teeth back would only make the problem worse. You would still have a weak chin but would also have a big nose.

To correct an overjet you need to move the lower jaw forward. This can be done either surgically or using an orthopedic appliance. Before you can move the lower jaw forward you will more than likely need to expand the upper dental arch, this too is done either surgically or with an arch development appliance. 

Please do NOT extract teeth to fix your teeth, you will forever regret it. 

Good luck! 

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