I can't see my nipples after gynecomastia. (Photo)

Hello My name is mridul sagar. I had big Breasts. I just went through a gynecomastia. I don't know a thing But by the looks of it I have 2 wounds On the places where my nipples existed And 2 wound by side. The wound by the sides are very small and liposuction was Done from there. The wound on nipples Were for gland removal. But by the looks Of it I think they cut off my nipples. I don't Know what happened. I hAve a image of the wound . Pls tell me wether my nipples Grow back or they are gone

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Appearance of Nipple After Surgery

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Hello and thank you for your question. I am so sorry to see that you are concerned with the excision process that was completed in your procedure and whether it caused permanent loss of the nipples. If you have only had a small amount of time since your procedure, you could allow a little more healing time, but definitely take your concerns directly to your plastic surgeon to have the area evaluated for proper healing.Now... For liposuction and excision together, here are the details that I provide my patients about the procedure and healing period:The doctor will recommend this procedure which combines the liposuction technique and excision technique to create a natural look. Results and Recovery Visible results are immediate. Patients are given specific instructions for the recovery period. Dressings and bandages will be applied to incisions and a support garment will be used to support the new chest contour and minimize swelling. At times, a thin small tube will be placed under the skin in order to drain fluid and blood that may collect. The results are usually permanent. On occasion the condition may return and treatment will need to be repeated.Again, if you find yourself uncomfortable or concerned I would definitely recommend an appointment with your surgeon as soon as possible to evaluate the healing. Best of luck!

I can't see my nipples after gynecomastia

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and I am sorry that you are worried after your surgery.  The small wounds on your sides are from liposuction and should go on to heal without significant issues or problems.  It appears that in addition to incising the lower portion of your areola that your surgeon also performed an areolar reduction.  This is causing the 360 degree scar around your nipple and the pleating of the surrounding skin.  The stretched placed on your remaining areola is causing your nipple to appear flat.  Allow your results at least 3 months time to mature, you should see an improvement in your overall appearance.  

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