I had a Mini Tummy Tuck and lipo to flanks and thighs. Any suggestions?

I am on day 6 past surgery and have black n blue bruising and numbness all over the area on back of lipo...........should I still be numb and in pain? Concerned that the nerve endings in my back are damaged?

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Mini Tummy Tuck and Lipo

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Thanks for your inquiry.  If your bruising is extensive and the size of the area looks increased, then I would recommend the use of ultrasound to rule out any hematomas.  Being only 6 days out from surgery, you may still have drains in place.  If you do have drains, you will want to check if they are draining properly.  As for the numbness, it is still very early and it can take a lot longer before the sensation comes back.  My biggest concerns would be with the bruising and swelling with regard to possible hematoma.  Now having said that, it is normal to have bruising after liposuction, I would just suggest follow up with your surgeon to ensure the bruising you do have is within normal limits.  I hope this helps. 

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Thank you for your question. It'a not uncommon for patients to experience bruising after surgery. Should you be concerned, I'd recommend speaking with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

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6 days post op

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Unfortunately, some patients get quite bruised from liposuction, and both lipo and a tummy tuck create numbness.  All the little nerves traveling through the soft tissue to the skin are affected by undermining of the tissue during an abdominoplasty and the passage of the cannulae with liposuction.  As a result, it is common for patients to experience numbness post operatively.  The nerves tend to heal over time, but I would caution that that may be one of the slowest parts of recovery, requiring months to a year for the return of sensation.  I would encourage you to discuss your concerns in more detail with your surgeon.  They may suggest arnica, bromelain, oral pineapple, or even warm compresses to expedite resolution of bruising.  Best of luck with your recovery.  

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